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Your Personal Chef Frank Tammaro

Food is the language we all speak. It is art and culture, in the food and in the air.

For me food above all is about flavor, were I can create great flavor, aroma and something which looks extraordinary is where my love and passion come to life. Turning the best local ingredients around me into unforgettable food. This is where I strive for perfection; classic dishes done in my style.

I am a second-generation Italian who grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Paterson New Jersey. I learned cooking from my mother and my grandmother (Who was Neapolitan) she lived upstairs on the third floor. In this neighborhood I would walk daily to the bakery to get bread, to the market to get vegetables, fish from the fishmonger, meat from the butcher and chicken from Uncle Tommy’s poultry store.

For 40 years I was blessed to travel with my job and was able to eat in some of the best restaurants in the country. When I came home, I tried to mimic some of the food I had eaten. My passion for food has not wavered since I was a child. Whether watching and helping prepare our meals, making pasta with gravy, roasts, fish courses or deserts for Sunday. My favorite the massive spread for our holiday dinners that we would sit for hours and eat. Since 2001 I have concentrated on my Italian cooking heritage and entertaining my family and friends.

Always keeping in mind what grandma said, “It’s your right to have the best” and now “I give you my best and I hope it is good enough for you”.

About the Chef’s Culinary Adventures

It is said that before you put a single morsel of food in your mouth, you taste it with your eyes. Taking this idea even further by conceiving dishes that are equal parts culinary delight and works of art.

Menus were made from scratch using traditional ingredients along with contemporary cooking techniques. The result is unexpected combinations including foams, gels and caviar that are as pleasing on the plate as they are to the palate. The menu also features wine pairings, special courses and tastings designed to enhance and elevate each component.


  • You do not grow up in the Italian section of Paterson, New Jersey without knowing your way around a kitchen. Chef Frank Tammaro took the lessons he learned from his mother and grandmother and turned it into a 30-year passion in food. In that time, Frank has had the opportunity to eat in some of the country’s best restaurants and study alongside some of its best chefs. He drew from all those culinary experiences and opened Frank’s Cucina in Yarmouth then Harwich, a supper club that he ran out of his home. After years of cooking for 10-20 people per night, Frank decided it was time to bring his unique take on fine dining to a larger audience. He created a place where unique ingredients and avant-garde cooking techniques combine to bring Cape Cod its new home for modern Italian cuisine. Not bad for a kid from Paterson.
  • Although it sounds like something that should take place in a college laboratory, molecular gastronomy is actually the science of food. Using modern cooking techniques to stimulate physical and chemical transformations in ordinary ingredients, allows us to pull off such feats as making elegant caviar out of a garden tomato. The discipline of molecular gastronomy is equal parts social, artistic and technical. Far more liberal arts than pre-med, don’t you think?
  • It is our intention to cultivate a food experience that will stimulate all five of your senses. To do so, we’ve thrown out the rules and created flavors, textures and presentations that we believe will please you from first sight to last bite. We use only the freshest ingredients, and we have taken the time to find wine pairings that enhance and elevate each component. Dining is meant to be full of wonder and delight. We invite you to discover these sensations with us now.


  • Today I have turned to my basics. I have taken everything I learned about Italian Deserts (especially from my favorite pastry shop), that I loved as a kid. Now making Traditional Baked Sweet and Savory items such as: Cakes, Tortes, Tarts, Biscotti’s, Candy as seen in our menu. As well as my cheffing

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“A question was asked of Gualtiero Marchesi (Known as the 1st Chef of Italy), What don’t you like about gourmet restaurants? When I was young, and my family owned the restaurant Albergo Mercato, I did not like the fact that people came to eat. I thought,” Now that we have everything ready, we should close the doors and eat it ourselves.” Why didn’t I like it? People would insult you while they ate. Dining wasn’t a sacred act, as it had always been for me…”

Fino a che non pranziamo

“Until we dine”

Your Personal Chef

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  1. Hello Frank,
    My husband and I will be traveling to the Cape for a family wedding on February 7, 2014. Would love to be able to attend one of your dinners if you are serving on February 8th. I am writing to you early in hopes of being able to share in your experience of Italian cooking. I am also 100% Italian. My maiden name is Romano.(Calabrese) My mom’s maiden name is Gallo.( Wine and cheese…lol
    Anyhow, I am also passionate about Italian cooking. I love all cooking. Let me know if this date works for you and any specific I need to know..
    Thanks, Judy D.

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