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Frank’s Cucina Change

The world of change for Frank’s Cucina and Frank. Change is an ominous thing to happen, but it is constant and an evolution in some cases for the better, in both physical location, and psychological as well. Handling that change is a matter of attitude, at first we fear it, we reject it and after awhile we embrace it.

It has been a little challenge working in my new digs in Harwich Port, getting use to the change in everything in the kitchen. Here are some before and after pictures  of the kitchen so you can get the feel of my new location.

















Additional Photo of kitchen
Kitchen work area set up for cooking classes for 8



2 work stations




Dinning room before 

Looking into dining room, living room and sliders to a patio for dining




































Getting use to a new kitchen and where everything is and what draws they are in, cooking for my first dinner made me feel like I had 2 left hands (no offense to the lefties out there) and it is taking me a little while to get use to it. However the food got great reviews.

What has changed is I have a new worpress website since the beginning of the year and it will be my source for all my activities.

What will change is I now have more time to be creative with my food dishes  and look forward to offering them to you.

I may at some point go to 2 consecutive days of serving.

I will try to do a blog on each dinner and if that’s too cumbersome It may take another turn, as is it said; “more will be revealed.”

I am working on cooking classes and an outline will be on The scheduled has not been made yet and will be under reservation and on the calendar.

I am working on a trip to Italy in the near future, I will keep you all posted.

Look forward to seeing you at the table.

Fino a che non pranziamo

“Until we dine”


The Cod- Father

1 thought on “Frank’s Cucina Change

  1. Frank,

    The new kitchen is beautiful and looks like it will provide a great working space for you.

    Best of luck in the new location!


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