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Maryanne Ryan What a great time we had last night. The food is top shelf….. you are wonderful host, we are planning are next trip and we will bring more of our friends. Thank you again

Karla Merritt had the BEST experience at the cucina on Sat. night. It was fun, relaxed , and elegant. Frank and his staff were very gracious and inviting. The ONLY place to get a real old world Italian meal…. Thank you Mr. Tammaro for making our evening so special and memorable !!!!

Kevin Varricchio My siblings and I had the good fortune to grow up with an Italian Father who would take a 79 cent  (at that time)  per pound steak and  create at mouth watering and fall apart on your fork treat to remember. and remember it we would.
Sadly when he passed, I thought that experience was never to be repeated. Enter Frank,
My first experience at Franks, was not only a reminder of how good I had it growing up , but in the several visit’s that followed, I quickly learned that Frank took what my Dad did and brought it too a whole new level. Eating at Franks has been educational, sensational at times, hell, I’ll even eat
and like most dishes that I do not like, several of which I would never have tried when I was a child! Nuff said, sorry Dad.

Sharon Kingman Dixon “I have had the pleasure of immersing myself in the wonderful experience of Frank’s cooking. He is a master at blending flavors and textures. The result is beyond belief. He brings the art of the meal to another level – I honestly have never had a meal that matched his creations. Frank puts his whole being into making people happy through his food and the atmosphere that goes with it. Highly recommended!”

Theresa ToscanoHi All; I have quite often been lucky enough to snare an invitation to one of Frank’s Garden Parties (in his lovely garden) and Friend’s Get-together’s in Frank’s home.

I am a 1st generation Italian…my mother was a phenomenal cook.  In that atmosphere, as you can imagine, it was a hands-on “dinner preparation”.  I have, therefore, learned all her secrets, and actually improved (in my opinion) some of them.

However, I can state in absolute honesty, that Frank has secrets I haven’t even heard of!  His dinners are truly a treat for the most experienced food connoisseur or critic.

I am thrilled that he has decided to start his own business…thereby giving so many others the opportunity to savor and experience his talent.  Take advantage of it…you will not be disappointed.

Thomas Gould  ‘We have dinned in the most exclusive restaurants in the world, by far the finest meals we have enjoyed have come from Frank’s kitchen.”

“Frank has it all elegance, ambiance, depth of flavor, quality ingredients, and presentation.”          “ You will not want to come back, you will need to come back”

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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. FABULOUS evening at Frank’s Cucina. It is more than a dinner experience as Franks and Catherine’s home is also full of beautiful antiques and art on the walls to wander around and look it. Their home is your home. Frank encouraged us to watch him prepare the meal in the kitchen explaining and answering questions about the ingredients & menu being served.
    The food was perfect. Fresh everything and a beautiful plate presentation. Coming from the restaurant industry I have watched and ate many top notch chef’s meals and I can tell you that Frank is right up there with the best chefs and takes pride in his food and guests. If you are looking for a unique evening of dining out I highly recommend you make a reservation at Franks’s Cucina. I had the pleasure of dining with a couple from Orleans & Dennis whom I did not know and enjoyed their company thoroughly. This is what makes it special the people you did not know that you will meet over a glass of wine and enjoying every course served.

  2. Frank, the experience last Saturday was ‘wonder’ful. The atmosphere was warm and full of laughter and good times. So much to look at as well. The food was an experience. A truly unique evening out with pure joy and happiness all around. I will be back and recommend to all that I know. Thank you!

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